Chapter V - The Story Of June (So Far)

April 5, 2000, 12:00 am

© Billy Corgan

she drew circles around her subjects and squares around her enemies woman eternal, restless with praise/resentful of penetrating worship but she often resembled a statue in a museum/june met with zero the hero playing chess/everytime he would make a move she would pick up another of her chess pieces and put it in her mouth/the horses were made of chocolate which made them easier to taste. but the white chocolate queen was still her favorite/just as he was ready to call check-mate she ate the jellybean king and claimed her victory right then and there/she always won, or he made her think that she did/as she was drinking a glass of mercury to wipe the taste and memory, a trumpet sounded thru the rubber walls/'oh' he said and they got up to go/'do I look alright" she asked no one in particular as she gazed into an antique mirror/they moved silently/shoes scuffing grey concrete as the sound grew with each step/a dis-embodied voice cooly announced 'LADIES and gentlemen of all persuasion, please welcome to our stage tonight and tonight only, the machines/at which point he yawned louder than he spoke any of the words/polite applause followed the remaining ducks as they hopped off the stage and the machines took their spots all marked with an X/ruby took her place in the wings to see the look in the eyes of the feedback scarred/and somewhere somehow someone struck a note/after the show they beat the chess set to splinters with a railroad hammer, and rode silently back to their home/glass blew the dust off an old forgotten vinyl record by the new animals, while his love shouted one more line to pass the time which by everyones watch was over/as the record ** skipped they made love as they always had/he felt her in his bones/she wanted what was his and his only/he could no *** longer tell if he was alive as before but it hardly mattered to no one in particular because everything was different anyhow/each time he bored with this game he thought up a better one and this gave him much satisfaction/a trumpet ****** blasted thru the thin plaster walls and they both nodded it was time to pay the rent/when the friends began to arrive they were asked by no one in particular to sit at the big oak table at all the wrong famous names/snaky tooth took churchills seat/thunder jack took disraeli's seat/namci sat wherever she wanted of course/billy sat at the head of the table and put on the hat pointy that spelled dunce/everyone laughed like they were supposed to/two twins appeared and began to saw the legs off the **** table/somewhere somebody said 'this should take a while' porcelain white from all the drugs, daphne was now a prisoner of her own success/'hrmphh' the father hurrumphed, 'there is no such thing as success, only hard work and tears'/of course everyone ******* agreed 'once i was a little girl' she said to no one in particular, 'and i had bright red shoes that my grandma, who we called nana, would shine, shine, shine all day long'/everyone agreed that she was still that little girl/when the table collapsed from too much sawing everyone yawned and got up, except for billy, who was still stuck in the most serious of thought/he did'nt see her leave and he would not hear her when she returned/that night he dreamt of his mother young and beautiful and she told him many secrets, mostly about love and how it was like water that shined in the sun/'cover your eyes son, cover your eyes!'